Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Create a Chompton Drawing/Remix of your own for a chance to win 1 of 3 Cash Prizes! Deadline is Nov. 30th 2017.
Winners will be announced Dec. 1st at 8pm PST & paid via PayPal. If under 18, must have parent/guardian permission.
1. Must be following @chompton_
2. Post your Chompton Art on Instagram.
3. Tag & Use hashtag #chompetition
4. Must be public.
5. Be a good sport.
All ages and skill levels are welcome. Share artwork (paint, traditional, or digital) of your version of a Chompton, you can submit more than one. Winning artworks will be used in a collaborative project with Chompton Stoodios.
Award will be given based on originality and style of work. The prize is a contribution to the development of art and artists aesthetic research.
The winners will be selected by the Contest Committee: me.
Flyer by @mochichito

Saturday, March 11, 2017

What is a Chompton. 
This little outerspace robot, skate-keyboard riding, hip hop munchkin, is from the future. His diet consist of little vegetables, like peas and baby carrots and when he can't find those, he survives off leaves from the fig tree. He lives in a planet that is half jungle, and half barren desert land, where BIG monster Chomptons live and chase him to try and steal his sound effects box, which is pretty much his body.  All the Chomptons are related from this future planet, but they don't all get along. His favorite friends are Funkypunk and Moogie Baby.

These geometric characters were created by artist Chomps, whom is currently balancing his life between Los Angeles and the Bay Area. He works in acrylic & oil paints, woodcuts and stretched canvas, and more recently has begun a Ceramic series of Chomptons, most of whom are already in the collection of some awesome people. He is currently working on his Second Run due out in March of 2018.

In College Chomps studied Art History, Architecture, Philosophy, and just practiced  drawing and painting day in and day out.  He is influenced by Picasso, Monet, Rivera, ancient art across the world, but mainly Native American & Mesoamerican mythology and folk art. While still in school and trying to figure out his art style, he wanted to make sure he created something that included everything he loved; hip hop, skateboarding, monsters, and yet be open to reference higher forms of art, like ancient artifacts or life, danger & death.

Other artist whom have also had a great influence are; Gary Panter, Simon of tokidoki, Hello Kitty, Gary Baseman, Buffmonster and many more. 

Chompton Stoodios also has some great collaborations with amazing artist such as; mochichito, WoodenCyclops, Draculazer, AgentFourEyes, Clave4e, Zach Taylor, Alex Chiu, Darin Shuler, doomxdoom, and many more soon to come...

Tuesday, August 16, 2016